SDJ's Caribbean Catering Excellence

SDJ's Caribbean Catering Excellence

So, how are you rating summer 2023? Did you make it to all the music festivals that London had to offer, or did you venture further afield to chase the sun in Ibiza or Malta? Although the weather was not that reliable this year, the sun definitely shined brightly on the biggest street festival the UK has to offer, Notting Hill Carnival. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to the summer until next year, but have no fear, Sweet Dee’s Jerk always keeps the heat of the Caribbean near, whether it’s food on the go from Selfridges FoodHall or delivered directly to you via our catering services.


Yes, indeed, we provide a catering service that has been used by well-known establishments that have praised our skills and often have us back after their satisfying encounters with the Sweet Dee’s Jerk team. From Netflix to Nike, BBC to Amazon, our Caribbean catering services provide a carefully considered menu and offerings that meet the expectations of all. With vegan and vegetarian options, as well as our beloved meat options, we're perfect for adding some extra flavor to the office canteen, especially with Black History Month fast approaching.


Perhaps you have the ultimate party planned and need the right party entrees to match the vibe you want all attendees to experience. Hosting our own brunches at the renowned Soho House, the Sweet Dee’s team is skilled at working to the fast-paced beat of party-goers needing to refuel with hearty yet easily digestible bites, as we recently did for the Top Boy team at the ‘Portrait of a Top Boy’ event, which was a success for all involved.


If you want to know more, please feel free to reach out, we'll be happy to assist and stay posted for some major news on the horizon.


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