Troy Johnson on The Take Off Experience Podcast

Troy Johnson on The Take Off Experience Podcast

Our very own co-founder, Troy Johnson, sits down with Ato from The Take Off Experience Podcast (Savvy Wallet), a podcast that highlights highly driven people to discuss their journey, their failures, and their triumphs. Troy takes Ato through how the UK's new-age Caribbean food brand was born, as well as the funny twists and turns it has taken for Sweet Dee's Jerk, formerly known as Juici Jerk, starting in the family home kitchen and making its way all the way to the renowned Selfridges Food Hall.

Troy opens up about having to develop a strong mentality to not give up, which was greatly reinforced by the unwavering support of his family, particularly his late father, Derick 'Sweet Dee' Johnson, whom the business pays tribute to through its rebranding.

Ato not only focuses on the business aspects but also delves into the question of 'why does your food taste so good?' Troy does mention the secret is in the sauce, but ultimately, the process and preparation of products are extremely important to maintain the greatness that Sweet Dee's is known for.

Starting with just £500, Troy explains the importance of investing back into the brand and the significance of family and community to keep the legacy going, which will then enable Sweet Dee's to reach new heights in 2024.

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