Sweet Dee's Jerk Carnival Menu

Sweet Dee's Jerk Carnival Menu

The Notting Hill Carnival is the largest annual street party in the UK. It displays lively and diverse parade of floats, dancers, sound systems, and performers, all showcasing a wide range of Caribbean influences. From traditional costumes, music genres and our favorite part, the delicious Caribbean cuisine.

To celebrate this monumental event, we have put together a menu that captures the essence of this vibrant and colourful celebration. From Jerk Wings to Dutty Nachos, our Carnival menu is sure to get you to 'hold up your foot and jump' and 'wave your flags' in preparation for the big celebration.


A Fusion of Flavors

These are not your ordinary nachos; they're a vibrant medley of flavors that is worth getting your hands messy for.


The Go-To

You asked, so we've listened and now we've delivered everyones quick go to favorite. Our Jerk Wings are a fiery delight, marinated to perfection and boasting Sweet Dee's signature spicy Jerk sauce.


Fresh and Spicy

For those seeking a lighter option but still crave that kick of spices. Tender pieces of jerk chicken are nestled on a bed of crisp, refreshing greens. The celery and mustard dressing adds a tangy punch, enhancing the natural sweetness of the chicken.


Toast to the Classic

What's a carnival without a taste of the Caribbean's quintessential drink? The vibrant cocktail blending rum with fruit juices orange, pineapple, and lime.

Why not come on down and get the carnival vibes going and try these new additions to our action packed menu. These items will be available throughout the remainder of the summer. So, once you've got over the excitement of the carnival festivities, why not give our new items a try?


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