Culinary Pioneers and Community Evolution

Culinary Pioneers and Community Evolution

From cooking at home in South London to Selfridges FoodHall, Sweet Dee's Jerk's culinary evolution and community expansion have been impossible to overlook. The remarkable achievements of the team are nothing short of extraordinary, and we're just getting started. Receiving significant coverage from notable sources like The Guardian and NCASS, it's been an excellent kickoff to Black History Month.

Guardian's Flavour heroes:

Sweet Dee's Jerk Troy and Jarrel Johnson

London’s most on-trend Caribbean eatery, as labeled by The Guardian online, had its talented chefs and founders of Sweet Dee's Jerk featured in an interview that explored the creative partnerships behind culinary pioneers.


Sweet Dee's Jerk Selfridges FoodHall

As you already know, the journey of taking Sweet Dee's Jerk to the bright lights of Selfridges FoodHall began with just £500. They used social media to garner attention for their new-gen Caribbean food brand. Even their supportive parents' patience was tested as they continuously made a mess in the kitchen, and people kept flocking to their south London house to collect orders.


Sweet Dee's Jerk Catering

"To discover new flavor pairings, you need to venture out and stay updated with the latest trends in the dining scene," Troy mentioned in the interview. The article highlights the magic that chefs can create by blending the traditional with the innovative. With Sweet Dee's being the new-gen Caribbean food brand, they excel in this.

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Talking Family and community with NCASS:

Street Food Live, now known as The Street Food Business Expo, has been a pivotal event for the independent food and drink sector for many years. For the past six years, NCASS has been the show's headline partner, championing the industry that everyone knows and loves. Every year, they offer expert advice and guidance, meet members in person, and connect with established businesses and those considering startups. This year, our very own Troy Johnson sat on a panel of Street Food Business Speakers and participated in a discussion that means a lot not only to Troy but the entire Sweet Dee's team - "Road to Restaurant – the Move to Bricks & Mortar." This discussion revolves around the transition from street food to a permanent location, offering exciting and challenging prospects.


NCASS also took the time to catch up with the SDJ team to discuss their journey and rebrand. They stated that calling this a rebrand would be a disservice to Troy and everything Juici Jerk had become. It's a transition, a growth, an evolution, if you will; a continuation of everything they were doing before, with more intention, a larger community, and even bigger aspirations. By building upon their existing successes, Sweet Dee’s Jerk has stayed true to a foundational part of their brand: community. Their community is now an even bigger part of their story. While the name change may have initially raised concerns of customer confusion, it has, in fact, allowed them to navigate new waters, delving deeper into their story and sharing it with the world.

Be sure to check out both articles, and let's continue to spread the love.

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